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Mobile Website – Local Customer Search

The San Antonio metropolitan area has grown to 1.4 million people.

There are over 750,000 people armed with smart phones.
Searching for local products and services like yours!

For San Antonio businesses, finding an avenue to connect with these mobile users has become extremely important. The majority of websites are not designed for viewing on a mobile device. The content and images simply don’t fit on the smaller devices. Creating a frustrating experience for someone who has taken an interest in your business.

The Solution!
Mobile and Responsive Websites San Antonio designs mobile and responsive websites. Delivering visually appealing sites to the thousands of San Antonina’s searching for local businesses. Your designed mobile web site will properly display and function on the user’s specific phone model. Most companies have yet to establish their mobile website presence. Having a responsive or mobile site. Would give your business an immediate advantage in the growing San Antonio mobile search world.

Mobile Web Design

Easy for mobile users to view your web site

Websites designed for desktops/laptops are difficult to see and navigate on mobile devices. Pinching and zooming thru your site is a frustrating experience. A LocalCustomerSerach.Com designed mobile site clearly and concisely delivers your message.

Mobile phones are available and armed to buy.

85% percent of San Antonina’s are never more than three feet from their cell phones. Ready and to make a buying decision. Having a mobile website makes your company easily accessible and available to these consumers.

Higher ranked on Google,

San Antonio Businesses with both mobile-friendly websites and standard sites enjoy a definite advantage. Google, Yahoo!, and most search engines rank multi-site businesses higher than those with one site.

An Inexpensive Investment

LocalCustomerSearch.Com can very inexpensively build you a Mobile Web Site. We will recreate the key web pages on your current site. To build a new mobile site. Mobile users will then automatically be directed to these pages.

Responsive Web Design San Antonio

Desktop computers are no longer the only way to search for a San Antonio business. A large percentage of the population now access the internet with mobile phones and tablets. These mobile devices are currently outselling desktop units at a four to one clip. Many consumers will likely use one to search for a web site like yours.

The question for you is whether your site responds? Translation-Adapts visually to your customers’ device. specializes in responsive designed web sites for San Antonio businesses.

Responsive– is the practice of developing a web site that is optimized for all browser sizes and platforms. Speeding up load times and presenting a visually appealing experience. The advantage is that a responsive site will perform on all devices. Desktop, mobile and tablets. Adjusting the site according to the mobile device. Allowing thousands of potential customers much better access to your business. Translation- Increased Profits!

At we work with San Antonio companies to build custom mobile websites and responsive web sites. We’ll work to ensure that the site is created to meet the specific goals of your business. Learning your current audience and reviewing the visitor patterns of your web site. Gaining a complete knowledge of your business model. Then creating the responsive site that helps to build your business.

Lets get Started Today

Most sites can be designed and built within a three week time frame.
If you are a small or large business looking to build your web presence.
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